Dinsdag, April 23

Déjà vu, Manchester United
“And oh, Wayne Rooney! Audacious!”
2011 was that lame year, when everything felt a bit indifferent—you could almost sense that you were not honestly breathing. As of me, watching Manchester United play football, either in the sun or the rain, is like the crossing to another level of living. Either on a glorious highs or terrible lows, we don’t die.
On a certain day later that year, I had drowned to this quite strange feeling that I knew that Jonny Evans was going to be marched off and we’d be plomped into a terrifying disaster. It was that so-called déjà vu. Déjà vu, from French, literally "already seen", is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has been experienced in the past, when in fact it hasn't. The psychologist Edward B. Titchener in his book 1928 A Textbook of Psychologyexplained déjà vu as caused by a person having a brief glimpse of an object or situation, before the brain has completed "constructing" a full conscious perception of the experience. Such a "partial perception" then results in a false sense of familiarity. The explanation that has mostly been accepted of déjà vu is not that it is an act of
  "precognition" or "prophecy", but rather that it is an anomaly of memory, giving the false impression that an experience is "being recalled". This explanation is supported by the fact that the sense of "recollection" at the time is strong in most cases, but that the circumstances of the "previous" experience (when, where, and how the earlier experience occurred) are uncertain or believed to be impossible.When it got to an even worse ending of a season with that Kun’s goal, I couldn’t help but cry. Though I think I jumped of distraught. Oh United, you are so beautiful that even cries are made to that very moment. And what I love more about the football club is that Manchester United don’t dwell on past mistakes, just so perfectly. Them lads learn, learn, and learn.And by the latest September, all the men have upped their hearts and thus running. With the smiling Robin van Persie aboard from the very next Arsenal team, the players were brimming with hunger.

The rest is history.                                   
The sublime hattrick from the Robin in the penultimate evening at Old Trafford recapitulates how well their champions mentality has grown deep inside all the lads. Millions of eyes of many United supporters all over the globe has enjoyed what was a truly exceptional moment of winning the record 20th title, with the fact that they won it full of happiness in playing true football.